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Cellar Gas

The supply of Cellar Gas has been our core business since 1998 and we are confident we have the range and cylinder size to suit any size of licensed business. Our cellar gases are available in 70/30, 60/40, 50/50 mixes & pure CO2 for every cellar application.

The mainstay of our range is the 30 litre cylinder, the advantages of which are you will require less cylinder holdings in your cellar, less frequent deliveries and less time changing cylinders, freeing up you and your staff to concentrate on bar sales, especially at your busiest periods. We also supply 47 litre cylinders for heavier users as well as the traditional 10 litre cylinders.
Not only will the 30 litre cylinder reduce your gas cylinder holdings but there is absolutely no rental on any of our cylinders, leading to simpler invoicing and providing further efficiency in your cellar gas management.
All of our cylinders are fully tested for safety and cleanliness and are delivered sealed, ensuring the quality of the pint you pour, every time.
We have set delivery days (please click on the delivery schedule icon for details), but we realise that there are occasions when you may run out. In this instance we will do our very best to get you your gas as soon as possible.

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